How to Get Free Likes on Facebook Posts and Pages in Short Time

Get free likes on facebook posts and pages

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Hey, Do you want to show too many likes on your facebook post or fan page?

If you want then just pay a little attention here and read this article till the end, you can know how to show too many likes on your facebook fan page or post.

Nowadays Facebook is a most popular social media website of the world.

Facebook users are growing on daily basis.

Some peoples, use facebook for business and some peoples use for entertainment.

why you are using that I don't know but, likes, comments, and followers will be needed, for any purpose.

“If” you cannot gain many likes on your pages or post, your post or pages will not appear in the more peoples news feed.

“If” someone wants to like your content but, your content does not appear there then you will be having lost many likes.

So, show more likes to promote your facebook post and pages.

“If” your content has 1000 likes, your content will appear in many peoples news feed then your posts and pages can gain up to 10000 and more likes.

Bytheway, today I want to teach you how to show too many likes on your facebook pages and post?

On the search engine, you can find many other methods to do this but, some of them don't work correctly.

Some of them will be harmful to your facebook account.

And many other methods you will found there which work correctly.

You will found this article also there.

Now let me tell you, what is the method.

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Social Exchange

This method you can use for getting more likes on your Facebook Fanpage, Photos, status, and so on.

“If” you will ask me how to exchange likes, comments, followers, etc.

You don't need to send emails and messages to peoples for exchange it.

Only you need to open a web page, in your browser and you need to invest, a time there.

“If” you will ask me what is the time for open the webpage in a browser?

Anytime you can open, the webpage in your browser and you can exchange anytime.

“If” you will ask me, how many likes I can get by using this method?

Unlimited, you can get unlimited, which you have needed but you have need sufficient coins on your social exchange account.

You will found various types of social exchange website on the search engines but read their terms and privacy carefully when you join their site.

“If” you will ask me, which social exchange site you are using for getting likes?

I use because followlike provide many types of exchange and also, provide many SEO tools along with Backlinks for blogger and website owner I have already got too many likes on Facebook and Instagram using followlike, if you are interested, to join followlike then you can join by clicking here.

get facebook 


“If” you haven't know how to find social exchange websites then go to the Google then type a query Social Exchange in the search box you will get many results about it.

By this method, you can show too many likes on your facebook pages, photos, status, and so on.

“If” you want to use followlike like me then you can use.

“If” you haven't know how to use followlike for getting likes then read the below paragraphs, I will tell you there.

Go to website, create an account there if you haven't created yet.

“If” you have already an account there then login to your account.

Go to the top left side navigation there you will see an add website / social network button, click on the button a new page will be open in the same tab of your browser.

Keep the page there then open a new tab in your browser and open your Facebook on that tab.

“If” you want to get likes on a photo then select your photo from facebook then copy your photo URL then go back to the tab which you had opened.

On the second input area, you will need to write your photo URL, paste the URL which you had copied before from facebook.

And again you will see a select option, select there, how many coins you want to give for a like.

On another field, you need to select CPC booster.

“If” you select maximum CPC booster then you can get likes very fast.

At one time you can set up to 15 CPC booster.

And on other fields, you can set daily limits, maximum limits, countries, and categories.

After completing that all, on the field below you will see a submit link button click the button to complete submission.

Wait some time you will get your desire likes on your photo.

are you done?



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