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Traffup tricks and strategy guide.

Free Twitter Followers

I already define you about social exchange websites in other article, like that Traffup is also a social exchange site and it helps you to increase youtube subscribers,youtube video likes, instagram followers, instagram post or photo likes, twitter followers and retweets, and many more.

And if you have website or blog then you can increase your visitors also, using traffup, because traffup provide traffic exchange also for its user.

Traffup is easy and free to use and it don't ask you password of your social media or social bookmarking sites, there you can add your social accounts easily.

There the system is similar as fangrow and followlike, first you need to earn coins by completing other traffup user task and when you assign that coins on your task then they will complete your task.

If you want to join now or later then you must have to read traffup terms, the terms hyperlink button are appears in bottom of the page.

Free YouTube Subscribers & Video Likes

If you ask me Which information i need to submit, when creating an account on traffup? then keep this in your mind, you need to submit your name, email and password in the traffup registration form.

If you have any doubt about website visitors which coming from traffup then let me tell you, The traffup don't provide any fake visitors or visitors from bots, your website will visit by real people and you can get traffic from worldwide.

The points which you earn from traffup in general that coins you can use to get twitter followers, retweets and website visitors, sometimes traffup give you an offer for using general coins to youtube and other social networks, like, instagram.

Do you want to read Traffup reviews?, if yes then type Traffup Reviews query in google search box and click search or enter button, you will get many Traffup reviews, many peoples have written good review for traffup you can understand that easily.

I think the traffup is a most useful tool for increasing website traffic and social fans, what do you think? , leave a comment to know me, your comment will help me to improve this article.

Free Website Visitors

How to add your websites and social accounts in Traffup for getting visitors and fans.

Go to the website and login to your account, if you haven't created account on Traffup then you can take some minutes to create a account there, if you are already login then follow the steps below.

  • For website submission, open and head over top left side there, you will see an Add website button, click that button to enter on new page of traffup, on that new page you will see a input field, write your website URL there and click submit button.
  • For Facebook and other social URL submission, login to traffup you will seen buttons on the top of the traffup homepage, click the button on which social account you want to add there then you will enter on new page then click on the button there which you want to use, when you click on the button, a new page will open, on that page you will see some input fields, fill there your social link, title, and description then click the submit button, you are done!.
Free Facebook Likes

Note: if you remove your action which you are done using traffup then action which you have to get that's also will be removed, so, if you do any action, like, facebook fan page like, don't try to remove that if you remove that then likes which you have got from others will also be removed.

Traffup Bot Traffup Strategy Guide | Review | How to Use
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