How to Get Direct Referrals For PTC/ANY WebSites

How to Get Direct Referrals for PTC Websites

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How to Get direct referrals for PTC site

Do you want to increase your PTC earning through referrals? Here is an article which guides you to getting referrals on all websites referral program.

There is some method which can help you to increase referral without paying any amount of money, here I bring that method which helps you to increase referrals without any investment in any referral program.

When you share referral link by any of the methods below then short your URL from any URL shortener websites.

There are many websites for URL shortening, short your referral link from there. The most popular today's URL shortener websites are,, and so on.

Get referrals by using traffic exchange sites
Get referrals by using traffic exchange sites

By traffic exchange websites you can easily increase referral on any PTC websites. You just need an account of traffic exchange website. Don't worry you don't need to pay a little amount of money there for account creation.

If you haven't account on any traffic exchange website yet then find out most popular traffic exchange website list in a search engine to create your account there.

Pick your referral link and submit to that traffic exchange website where you are in. Surf some other people websites from that website you get some points on your account, assign the points to your referral link then after other peoples will visit your link. If your website or the referral program is user attractive then you get more chance to increase referral.

Join more traffic exchange websites to take more opportunity to increase referral. When you choose the traffic exchange website, I recommend you create an account on and firstly then choose others.

Do you want to know, why I recommend this? Because the easyhits4u have lots of tools and functions which help you to increase referral and signups easily in short time.

The have a good function for increase referral and signup. That function is task submission, you just pick your referral link and submit your link to task submission of followlike then assign some points on your referral link, you can easily increase referral and signup from there in short period of time.

Method for increase referral by blogging
Get direct referrals by blogging

Blogging is one of the better ways to increase referral. If you have a google ranked blog on any blogging platform then you have more opportunity to increase referral.

If you haven't blog yet, you can create one from any blogging platform. The most popular and easy blogging platform of this days is Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr etc.

Creating a blog is easy but getting rank by Google is some hard. For google rank, you have been needed the knowledge of Search Engine Optimization(S E O) for good rank.

If your articles are coming on the first page of Google, you get an excellent chance for increase referral. Don't worry about google rank, you can buy S E O books to solve this issue.

The S E O books are not so costly you could get the books at low of a cost, buy a book to increase your blog rank on google and increase your referrals of PTC sites.

Do you want to ask me how to increase referral by blogging? Blogging is a very good way to increase referral. You just make a blog and first. I am just saying to buy the book but I do not recommend for you, ok.

Write a good SEO friendly article on your blog about those sites which you would like to promote then build some link including your referral link and publish the article on your blog. You would be increased more referrals on PTC or any websites referral program by writing an article on your blog.

If you don't want to buy SEO book or you haven't SEO skill yet then you can use another idea to getting the visitor on your blog.

That is social networks you can drive traffic to your blog through social networks. You also drive visitor by writing messages to friends on WhatsApp messenger.

Increase referral by sharing your referral link on social networking websites
Increase referral by sharing your referral link on social networking websites

In the online world, social networking sites play a main role at somewhere. More than millions of peoples are engaging on social networking website in a day.

The today's most common and popular social network website is Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Youtube and so on. Share your referral link in popular social networks to increase referral.

When you share your referral link on the social networks, write an attractive description with an image about the site which you are going to promote.

On twitter and facebook, you can use another great tool which sends the message automatically to new followers.

There are many apps and websites which provide auto message system. Choose one of them to share your referral link to new followers by a message. You can increase some your referrals by doing this.

Twitter methods
neobux referrals from twitter

Do you have an account on twitter? If not then create one because many peoples are engaging on Twitter in these days so, you can get more referral on your PTC or any website referral program.

When I was new on PTC websites, that's time I was thought this money earning process is worse then I was going to leave PTC from my life but that time another thinking was coming on my heart that is to join a social network and try one time then I created an account on twitter first.

When followers came in my account then I tweeted one of my referral link with description then I was started getting numbers of referral from there so, I want to share you this idea also, this idea has worked well for me, why don't works for you, you could increase your referral by your twitter account on your PTC referral program or any other websites referral program.

Do you want to know how to? to increase referral using twitter is have some hard sometimes but when you increase the followers of your twitter account then increasing referral been easy anytime.

You could found your referrals on Twitter by many ways, you just need to increase followers on your account. You can get downline by your tweet , direct message, list and so on.

When you tweet on twitter just take a time for research hashtag because hashtag play an important role on twitter if you have a good hashtag on your tweet you get lots of benefits by hashtag.

Facebook methods
get direct referrals from facebook on ptc

If you use Facebook, then from Facebook also you could attract people to become your referral. From Facebook, you can get your direct referral in various ways. Create a facebook page and gain likes then share your referral link there.

How to create facebook page? Log in to your facebook account and go to the navigation menu of facebook there you will see "create page" link button, click that button then give a name of your page, select category and subcategory of your page then click "create page" button. You have done!

? You could get many likes on the facebook page if you have share good and attractive contents there. There are other some methods from which you can apply to get likes. That could be done using auto likers, like etc.

Add a "signup" or "learn more" button on your page with your referral link to get more direct referrals on your PTC or any websites referral program.

Create a group and add many members on your facebook group then post your referral link there with descriptive text, you can get some direct referral by this method.

Join other peoples group which have many members and see also the group is about what, if the group is related to your referral link will be beneficial, you can get direct referrals on your referral program by this process.

Increase your facebook followers and share your referral link to your timeline to get direct referral. You could also get a direct referral by sending a message to your followers.

Instagram methods to increase direct referrals
Instagram methods to increase direct referrals

Most peoples are using Instagram for sharing their photos and videos. In day-to-day life, Instagram is one of the most popular websites in the online world.

Do you use instagram? If no then create an account there. Instagram helps you to increase your direct referrals on your PTC or any website referral program.

If you are already an Instagram user then you will be success easily in your referral program and you can get more direct referrals.

Do you know how? By creating photos and videos about your referral program provider websites.

Write a good content about your referral link provider website then make a video by any video creator software, apps or websites.

There are many websites, apps, and software for creating quality videos, find that to make a quality video then share your content through videos.

You could share your referral link including video content or invite peoples somewhere by video content.

Make attractive photos including your referral link then share on your Instagram timeline.

When you share your photos, write a good content about your referral link provider website is better for people engagement.

The Instagram has another function, which you can use for increasing referrals, that you need to add your referral link in your bio.

On Instagram, you can add your website URL on below of your biodata, add your referral link on that field to get direct referrals on PTC or any website referral program.

When someone follows you on Instagram, the follower may click your link and he/she also join if your referral program provider website has interesting for him.

When you do this work, change your Instagram account with the business account then you can get lots of chance to get direct referrals.

Get more referrals from
get direct referrals from whatsapp

WhatsApp is one of the popular in messenger apps. You can also use for your referral program.

Create a WhatsApp group about something interesting then add many member on your group then add your referral link on group description and share the link on the group.

This method is one of the easy method to increase referrals. If you think, it is hard to create WhatsApp group then you can join the groups of other peoples. You can increase your referrals by sharing the link on other WhatsApp groups.

When you share the link on other WhatsApp groups, write an interesting and attractive description of referral link provider website can take good advantage for you.

Invite your friends, family and other relationship to join on referral program provider website. Write a good, attractive message about your referral link provider website to your friends and relatives including referral link then send the message. You can get some referrals from there, this is one of a good idea for getting referrals.

Get referral by commenting and writing reviews on apps or blog
Get referral by commenting and writing reviews on apps or blog

Search blogs which is related with your referral link provider website on search engine then do a comment including your referral link.

Search an apps which is related with your referral link provider website then write a review for that app including referral link. You can get referrals from there.

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