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How to change text style on WhatsApp chat

Whatsapp font styles

Do you know, We can chat on WhatsApp using different text style.

For do this you need an idea to writing a message.

You just pay a little attention here to know how to write messages on WhatsApp using different font's style.

WhatsApp have give us Bold ItalicStrike new fonts and blue text style.

The message writing process is very simple, only you have to know some character symbol.

For bold text, use star * character symbol in starting of message and use same star symbol on end of your message.
example: *This is a message*. your text will automatically convert to the bold style.

For italic, you need to use underscore after your message and use underscore before of message.
example: _This is a message_. your text will automatically convert to italic.

For strike you need to use ~ this character symbol after and before of your message.
example: ~This is a message~ your message will automatically convert to strikethrough.

For making new fonts you need to use ` this character symbol three times front and beginning of the message.
example: ```This is a message``` your message will automatically converted to new fonts.

Note:Use character symbol carefully, If you use space before of character symbols, your message will not be convert.
and three character symbol is needed for new fonts if you use only single or double character symbol for new fonts, your message will not be convert into new font.

Blue text making process is difficult to understand but you will try to do it.

Creating a blue text is like a magic, its can be done by whatsApp flag symbol.

Firstly, you need to input a flag symbol in WhatsApp message input field, then do backspace once a time and cut that backspace with flag symbol.

then you will see a magic there, if you put first flag symbol and do this process your input message field have automatic converted the blue A text and other you can distribute by the WhatsApp flag symbol.

If you have problem to do this from your phone then scroll down this page I have being a WhatsApp text style creator tool you can use the tool easily, you just simply type your message in below textarea then choose your style option and hit the send button, your message will automatically convert into your choice.

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