How to use GPS to track coordinates | 4 Methods

Four method to track coordinate using GPS.

1st method

Firstly you'll need to click "where to" button from GPS homepage then click "coordinate " button. when you click "coordinate " button you'll see the coordinate input field there, put your coordinates in input field then hit the "Done" button. You see the route map with "Go" button there. Click the "Go" button and come back to the Compass and start tracking.

2nd method

Here, in the homepage of your GPS you will see satellite button, you should to hit the button first to enter for pick up coordinates then find ok or enter button when you get the ok or enter in your GPS that time you should click that button for coordinate pickup. When you hit the ok/enter button you will get a coordinate saving page, there you'll see four textarea field, you need to edit the textarea with your coordinate then click Done button to save your coordinate and back to GPS homepage again. Find waypoint manager from GPS homepage, when you get the waypoint manager button then you should click the button for getting your saved coordinates. When you get your coordinate list then click the coordinate name which you want to track. You get the textarea again but this time you haven't need to edit in textarea, you see two buttons one is a map and another is GO button, you can click the button with your wish forgetting route map. Note: If you click the map button, there you need to click GO button again.

You have done. But if you want to track with compass, you'll need to go back to homepage and click compass button to track.

3rd method

You can easily use this method when you completely known 2nd method. on this method, firstly you should click waypoint manager in GPS homepage. There you get your saved coordinate list, click any one coordinate from your list, there you get textarea. You need to edit on location field with your coordinate, then click Done to save your coordinate. There you see two type of button, Go and map. You can choose that button in your wish then enter on route map. For tracking with compass you should click back button and click compass in your homepage to go.

Method 4

This is a very easy method, I mostly use this method when I use GPS because I' am done work quickly using this method. For using this method firstly you should click mark waypoint button. You see input field there, put your coordinates in location field then click the Done button to save coordinates. Then after you need to go to waypoint manager for finding your saved coordinates. Find your saved coordinate there and go to the map and start tracking location. If you want to track with compass, the process is same as other method.

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